Same Day Dentures

Permanent 'Temporary' Dentures

By Brandie Umar, Executive Director of ContentLast modified: December 08, 2011

Same Day Dentures Defined

Same day dentures, also known as temporary dentures, are available to patients who will use dentures following tooth extraction. Dentists will pre-measure your mouth and use the dimensions taken to create a set of dentures approximately the size and shape you will require after the tooth extraction dental surgery. When the teeth have been extracted dental surgeons place the dentures individually into the gum, preventing any time spent without teeth waiting for the manufacturing of the new dentures.

Advantages of Same Day Dentures

The main advantage of immediate dentures is the patients spend no time waiting for the dentures to be made. Many patients feel embarrassed about being toothless; same day dentures remove the social pressure and
can make it easier for the patient to adjust socially to wearing dentures.  When teeth are extracted, the bone tissue needs pressure to stimulate regrowth. Fitting the dentures on the same day as extracting the teeth applies this pressure immediately and this pressure can reduce the pain of the tooth extraction itself.

Disadvantages of Same Day Dentures

Same day dentures do not provide the same support as conventional dentures because the measurements of the jawbone after the tooth extraction are not exact. Same day dentures are placed in the jaw immediately following tooth extraction which means the gums are swollen as the dentures settle into the jaw. When the gums heal and swelling from the extraction surgery reduces, same day dentures are liable to move slightly in the jaw and require adjustments.

Same Day Dentures Procedure

Same day dentures require two dental appointments. Some dental clinics provide the facilities to complete the dual appointment process in one day (hence the name), while for other dental clinics you may need to complete the process on separate days. Whether the dental clinic can provide the procedure in one day depends on the proximity of the clinic to the dental laboratory. 

Dental Appointment 1

Patients must visit the dentist prior to their teeth extraction appointment to be measured for the same day dentures. Dentists take measurements of your head and mouth and use the dimensions to estimate the measurements of dentures you will need after the teeth have been extracted. Using computer programs you will then choose the shade and shape of your dentures and the details will be sent to a dental laboratory to manufacture your dentures.

Dental Appointment 2

The second dental appointment is a two step process: First the dentist will extract the patient's teeth. Once the teeth have been removed, the dentist inserts the dentures individually into the gum and jawbone.

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