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Asked by jakewills
from London, United Kingdom

Where can I find best doctors for heart transplant? - Heart Care (Cardiology)

Where can I find best doctors for heart transplant?

Where can I find best doctors for heart transplant?

Answers (3)

Answered by colerios
from Bonn, Germany
These days, heart transplant doctors are not hard to find. There are many who are qualified to do the surgery and truly great at it. However, while choosing them, it is important to know their reputation, type of procedure they use, their experience and also check out the services of clinic where the operation will be performed.

For that, you can check their websites, search around and get opinions of previous patients. If you are not sure, then one of the best clinics I can suggest you is where they have the team of highly experienced surgeons, known for their success rate of heart transplant surgery all over the world.

Answered by manishakailesh
from Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Magdi habib yaqoob is the best cardiothoraric surgeon in UK

I PICK Health Care
Istanbul, Turkey
You may check Turkey. If you send your medical reports and what you need we can offer . IPICK works with the best doctors in Turkey to help foreigners who come for healthcare . Hope this email helped to you

Best Regards
IPICK Health Care

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