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Asked by Smith
from Waldorf, MD

What is wrong with me? - Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

What is wrong with me?

My throat has been red and swollen for 3months, spasm coughing fits, non-productive. 4 antibiotics, numerous nebulizer treatments, steroid inhaler, prednisone, cough syrup w/codeine, steam inhalant, etc... coughing fit now only occurs when throat is very irritated, however it continues to be sore and tight at times. Been tested for TB, Whooping Cough, Xrays of chest and neck show nothing acute... endoscopy still shows inflamed & red voice box and afterwards caused a coughing fit. Not allowed to work in the office until there is a diagnosis. PPl who know me are hesitant to be around me. I have grandchildren that I'm afraid for. Im thinking it may be an environmental allergy but no allergy testing yet. Please Help. No one cares but to keep pumping me full of drugs since there is no quick and obvious answer. I don't have direction. And the exact same type of medical event happened to me at the same time last year and lasted several months. It affects my life and livelihood. I do not want to go through it again for a 3rd time without answers. Help.


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