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Asked by half-pint
from Raleigh, NC

How much does a Brazilian butt lift cost? - Plastic Surgery

How much does a Brazilian butt lift cost?

How many hours does this procedure cost and how much recovery time is needed.

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Memorial Healthcare Group
Istanbul, Turkey
Thank you for your question.My name is Ilhan, I am the Patient Coordinator for Memorial Hizmet Hospital, ISTANBUL-TURKEY. For more information on Brazillian Butt Lift please contact us by viewing Memorial Hizmet Hospital’s profile.

Sculptor Aesthetic Medical Center
Barranquilla, Colombia
hello I tell you that the method fills Brazilian buttock is using the patient's own fat for which they should be different areas of the body where fat is removed and then this same fat after a selection process is injected into the gluteal region to give greater projection and improvement of the gluteal skin. in cost if you want you can contact us on our profile. following your e-consult, you can  evaluated by doctors who will recommend the most appropriate procedure.

Dr Gustavo Chajchir Plastic Surgery Argentina *
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Good day. Regarding your question, the cost of the procedure requested is around 2500 to 3500 depending on each case.

Technical name: Gluteal Augmentation/Gluteoplasty
Body Parts: Buttocks
Surgery time: On average, 1-2 hours
Clinic stay: On average, 24 to 48 hours
Scar: Small and discrete
Post-operative: Sleeping position will be "face-down" for 2 weeks following surgery. Patient must rest at home during this time.
Recuperation period: On average, from 2 to 3 weeks

Lorenzo Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
Quezon City, Philippines
Brazilian Butt lift is a less invasive procedure compared to butt augmentation with gluteal implants. The procedure uses patient’s own excess fat to improve gluteal contour and volume.

Recovery time or downtime is shorter than with buttocks implants. Patient may sit normally after 5 to 7 days while for gluteal implant, patient may comfortably sit on their buttocks after 2 to 3 weeks.

Brazilian butt lift cost ranges from USD$ 3,000 to 4,000 dollars in South East Asia.

Hope this may help you

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