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Asked by lisa
from Chicago, IL

how many sections of lipo do you get with the brazilian butt lift - Plastic Surgery

how many sections of lipo do you get with the brazilian butt lift

Answers (7)

Alfredo Callanta, MD
Manila, Philippines
What do you mean by how many sections of lipo do you get with the brazilian butt lift?
Do you mean how many areas of the body will serve as a donor area for the Brazilian butt lift?

Memorial Healthcare Group
Istanbul, Turkey
Thank you for your question.My name is Ilhan, I am the Patient Coordinator for Memorial Hizmet Hospital,ISTANBUL-TURKEY. For more information on Brazillian Butt Lift please contact us by viewing Memorial Hizmet Hospital’s profile.

Sculptor Aesthetic Medical Center
Barranquilla, Colombia
in general the goal is one in which surgical resection is performed liposuction where fat is removed some areas of the body that is above and injected into areas where needed. For more information contact us on our profile

Dr Gustavo Chajchir Plastic Surgery Argentina *
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hello. It depends on the amount of fat that each patient has. Each patient is a different universe and therefore in order to determine how many areas can be liposuctioned is important for the surgeon to study the case and the photos. First, a Liposuction is performed, after that fat is suctioned, purified and injected on the buttocks.
During a Liposuction procedure, small and discrete incisions are made and a sterile medical solution is infused in the patient, in order to reduce bleeding and trauma.

In general 2 to 3 areas of your body will be liposuctioned.
Warm regards
Dr Gustavo Chajchir

Florida Medical Retreat
Sarasota, Florida
Thank you for your question. My name is Crystal Woodworth, I am a Patient Coordinator with Florida Med-Retreat. Our Board Certified, Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Scott Engel, has the following answering for you.
"Liposuction that is performed for a braziliam butt lift is not intended to improve the areas it is taken from. It is merely to get fat to transfer to the butt. I do only enough to get the fat I need to augment the buttocks. So if you have areas you would like liposuctioned that would be considered another procedure."

Please let me know if you have additional questions for the doctor. We are happy to assist. As your Patient Coordinator I am able to coordinate your procedure and assist with planning your entire medical retreat.

Thank you

Bioestetica Group
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Are you interested in performing this treatment in Buenos Aires?

Lorenzo Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
Quezon City, Philippines
The amount of fat aspirated by liposuction in brazilian butt lift will depend on the amount of fat that needed to enhance the shape and volume of the buttocks area of the patient. This ranges from 300cc to 700cc for each gluteal cheek, so the total amount of fat that can be harvested in a brazilian butt lift is from 600cc to 1,400 cc.

It would be best to inquire directly or online with a plastic surgeon so that you may know your option.

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