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Asked by freeflow
from Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom

for the last 3 weeks got recurring joint pain - General Medicine (Internal Medicine)

for the last 3 weeks got recurring joint pain

i have for the last 3 weeks got recurring joint

pain in my ankles, knees and wrists, but not the

shoulders or elbows.with it comes red spots on the

ankles only and a sore throat on the right side of

the throat only with what feels like swollen glands

or tonsils. it comes for a few days at a time and

then it goes away, but comes back again.

i suffer from Crohn's disease and some form of

arthritis to do with the Crohn's,but that pain is

normally in my back and shoulder only.i also did

see the Rheumatologists about 5 weeks ago and there

where no signs in my ankles, knees or wrist of

arthritis. my bloods did neither show any signs of it.

my wife has similar symptoms and therefore i was

thinking, does any body know of a viral infection

which can cause this pain and symptoms?


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