It's time to throw all of your other online services out the door and join one of the most advanced interactive medical directories on the Internet today. Our team here got so tired of looking at plain, boring medical directories that were full of text and lacking in pizazz. So, we decided to create not only a medical directory, but a customizable Profile that allows you to create your own online space with total control. Your Profile can feature everything about your branches, treatments, doctors and practice, and the benefits don't end there. We've made it interactive; which means your patients can contact you through email or chat, and even ask questions, all in one, convenient Profile!
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Patient Inquiries

Did you become a doctor because you have an inner desire to help people and are rewarded by a patient’s recovery? Or simply, have a curiosity for modern medicine? Perhaps both are true, but in the end, no matter what inspired you to dedicate your life to others, you come to this one conclusion: patients equal profits. The only way to grow your practice and achieve your professional goals is by attracting new patients. Consider this, 68% of patients contacted their doctors using an online directory in 2010. Our marketing team will do everything they can to promote your services directly to your target market. Add Your Clinic Now!


With iPhones, iPads, iThis and iThat, flooding the market, today’s health care providers are required to be more connected to technology than ever before. This is why our team designed the Dashboard. A simple to use software that allows you to create, update, and manage your Profile any time of the day, no matter where you are in the world. Simply log in to your Dashboard and view your patient inquires with our built-in management system. Keep track of who has contacted you and email them directly through your Dashboard. Stay connected with your patients on a whole new level. Add Your Clinic Now!


It wasn't until Internet advertising began that consumers could accurately measure their marketing efforts. With our Profile Activity Reports, you can see who is visiting your profile, their locations, how many phone clicks you've received and the names of the patients who've contacted you. This feature also shows what they were searching when they found you. Profile Activity Reports is results-driven marketing with proof at your fingertips. Add Your Clinic Now!

News & Social Media Team

Social media has taken over every industry, and our team understands the importance of this powerful marketing tool. We take social media seriously, and this is the very reason why we are different from those other medical directories. Our team is completely dedicated to your growth and overall success. The second you become a member, our in-house team of medical research editors, SEO writers, and social media gurus go to work to make sure your name is seen by all of the right people. Original news articles will be written about your doctors, practice, treatments, and special technologies. We also use Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube to market your services to as many potential patients as possible. Which each item we post, your branch, treatment and location are all kept in mind to ensure you reach your ideal audience. All of these combined efforts result in directing potential clients straight to your Profile, which is an effective way for you to get more patients. Add Your Clinic Now!


"I'm a Harvard-grad dermatologists specializing in dark skin and practicing in Kenya. Our staff is able to convert about 20% of the inquiries from I'm thrilled with the the results."
Dr. Pranav Pancholi

More Great Features That You'll Receive…

Feature a logo or a photo of your doctors or clinic.
List all your phone numbers and receive phone click information.
List all of your locations, and target up to 10 nearby locations.
So patients can easily contact you.
List all your medical branches and treatments that you offer.
List special promotions or discounted pricing.
Feature your doctors and staff with bios and photos.
List all you social site links and your own practices website in you profile.
SEO Rich content about your clinic and its features.
Patients provide feedback of your services.
Feature your press releases and media information.
Interact with patients who ask health questions.
Receive patient ratings of your services.
Chat live with visitors to your profile.
Feature your practice and before and after patient photos.
Display videos of your practice or techniques.
Partner with us and share our links on your companies website.
Featured on Google maps.
So patients can easily contact you.
List your hours of operation.
travel, translator, hotel or flight booking options
List all insurance companies that you accept.
List all your facilities accreditations and memberships.
How many languages do you speak? List them all.

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