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Skin Cancer Declared Major Public Health Problem by Surgeon General

The U.S. Surgeon General has starkly publicized for Americans to better protect their skin. Incidents of melanoma are rising — in fact — tripling over the last 30 years."From the epidemiological surveillance perspective, we see the numbers increasing," ... +more

Study Finds Childhood Obesity Rates Holding Steady

According to the latest study published in the journal Pediatrics, the proportion of kids aged 2–18 who are considered obese, based on their waist size, held steady at nearly 18 percent from 2003–2012.Led by Lyn Steffen, PhD, an Associate Professor of ... +more

IPads Triggering Nickel Allergies in Children

Have you recently noticed an unexplained rash on your children’s body? Earlier this week, An 11-year-old boy in California was diagnosed with an inflamed skin disorder resultant from using his Apple iPad.As reported in the recent issue of the journal Pediatrics, the ... +more


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