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Energy Drinks Overloading Kids with Excessive Caffeine

Do you let your children join the rest of the world in a rising spectacle of energy drink consumption?Pouring into US poison control centers, more than half of calls are centered on children younger than 6 suffering seizures and heart issues — resultant of energy ... +more

New Study Shows Wrong Diagnosis for Millions with Allergic Reaction to Penicillin

Are you allergic to penicillin — or so you thought? New research indicates many individuals are mistakenly avoiding penicillin when they simply do not have a true allergy.While it is common for individuals to have a reaction to penicillin, not all reactions are ... +more

25 Million Adults in US Suffering from Sleep Apnea

A staggering 25 million adults in the US suffer from sleep apnea, and as many as one in four middle-aged men.Sleep apnea is a severe, potentially life-threatening condition. First termed in 1965, sleep apnea is a breathing disorder characterized by brief interruptions of ... +more


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